Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nonsense work and stupid people.

There is some utter crap work happening in all the offices all around, and companies need good foolish people to do that. :-)

Effective quality of foolish people are very flexible, with very low self-esteem and terribly hardworking like donkeys. They are also kind of panicked resources who believes, what if they will be laid off and in the times of talented resources they don’t get another takers who will identify their precious stupidity and niche expertise to spend ours with shitty works.

These foolish resources are paid moderately sometimes highly because HR finds it extremely difficult to get classical dopey resources in the pool of skilled people.

They are retained at heavy cost in organizations with intermittent scolding, since scolding is a special type of communications for dopes, which make employee and employer feel involved and active in order to keep crappy work going on well. :-D

There are some interesting observations about this specific situation, like

What supervising would be thinking when a dope feels he/she is working hard with the load of lousy work?

When a jerk is rated with above expectation (excellent) rating, what would be his/her sentiments?

Most intelligent person is appointed a leader of the intelligent group, what would be the leader of dopes thinking of himself/herself?

Well, interesting isn’t it ? huh… :-D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Checklist.

Of course, it is funny but many of years ago when I was still a student, I used to write down ‘TO Dos’ at the back of my hand. Then if someone asks, why at the back of the hand? The reply used to be, I will not miss looking at but If I did the other person would certainly remind me, since he/she can see :-)

Later I was told by my classmate, don’t make yourself dependent on ‘TO DO’ lists, train your mind to remember…I thought yeah why waste ink? I will remember...Woohaa. What I remembered finally was just guilt of ‘NOT DONE’.

After many trials of on and off the checklists, it’s in a very steady mode now on my desktop, whiteboard at home, and mobile also.


-It dramatically improved the efficiency and dependability.

-Dull memory and distraction are especial danger in processes – if you miss just one key thing, you might as well not have made the effort at all (whether it is buying ingredients for a Biryani or launching a rocket).

-We might lull ourselves into skipping steps even when we remember them. Especially in busy and stressed workplaces.

-Checklists remind us of the minimum necessary steps and make them explicit. It instills a kind of discipline of higher performance.

-It solved procrastination when we know the task is bigger.

How ?

  1. Consult your priorities and make a list. Have a list of things to do. Pick one thing to work on. Start clock. When tired, stop clock. Take a break.
  2. Work in units of 25 minutes, with 5 minutes break in-between. After 4 units take a break of 15-0n mins. Apart from yogi’s normal human brains can concentrate for about 40/45 minutes at a shot, that’s why I think in school and collage we have one class for 45 mins. Then subject change.
  3. There are many free downloads for windows on the net if feel like trying one.

We think “Oh, I’m too professional for such a methodology” or “Pfft, it’s a waste of time, I just want to code.”

but for me It indeed works for better :-)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Movie in the meeting

We had a meeting, and the manager was on live. :)
we watched this movie....
Check this out:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Annual Apprisal.

One should not take two hours to watch sixty minutes you see ! You are bright but not shining.
Set up a timely meeting with me, I might forget.
(You be PROactive every time- when I am not just active even)
Results matters not the approach - !#$%^&*(%^+~
Oh ! What did I just say ? - Ok. So, Approach matters not the results.
Over communication - is not a bad communication, as far as it keeps from miscommunication.
Best is done by giving the least possible hike.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I wrote that piece of code today that was true to execute the next functionality; this second functionality was written to handle the falsity of the previous code (which I wrote) :)

Enjoy these contradiction…

Ready to take your own path. Follow me.
Classes on creative writing.
You can marry anybody with the permission.
If he is telling the truth he is lying; and if he is lying, he is telling the truth.
Please ignore this notice.
The sentence below is false.
The sentence above is true.
Time machine is the classic example.
I can go back and kill my mother before I was born I would never be born. The paradox is that if you were never born then you could not have killed your mother. Therefore you would be born. However, if I am born I will grow up to build the time machine to make the time machine to kill my mom. You go round and round and round :-)

"Few things are not to understand, just accept it !! "

Thursday, November 6, 2008


In college this sir told us ‘you can never predict what is going to take how much of time, that is Software’…

In office this boss said ‘you can predict what is going to take how much of time, that is experience’…

And I smirked over the thought ‘Once you do it bit by bit, Once you live that life day by day, at the end all your definitions are changed’ !!!